supermarket style.


I don’t know about you but if I’m ever going to be caught looking my absolute worst it’s at the supermarket. Let’s think about when we go to the supermarket: At the end of a busy day at work, after the gym, late at night for snacks, or as your one outing after a day spent at home. What are you wearing? Disheveled work wear, sweaty gym clothes, old make-up, no make-up, sweated make-up, track pants, hoodies. Once I went to the supermarket wearing a flannelette shirt, poly prop pants and Ugg boots. Don’t ask. It was not my finest moment.

But let’s be honest, everyone lets their guard down once in a while and I bet that it’s a good guess to say that for most, the supermarket is definitely guard down territory. That’s why the idea to turn Chanel’s most recent runway into a supermarket – models did not walk, they shopped – is absolute genius. Everybody, no matter how fashionable, has to take part in the mundane act of supermarket shopping. And what better way to do it than to swap your Ugg boots for Chanel trainers and your hoodie for a Chanel tweed jacket? (Although realistically when I can afford Chanel my intention will not be to wear it to the supermarket).

So, what do we take from this? The idea that fashion is everywhere? The idea that fashion can be found in the most mundane places? The idea that the supermarket most certainly is NOT guard down territory? Or just simply the idea that Karl Lagerfeld is an absolute boss when it comes to putting on shows?

Now I’m not saying that sweaty gym gear and flannelette shirts have seen their last outing to the supermarket. But after seeing the images from this show it definitely makes those outfits seem far less appealing to say the least.