Hermes is usually the first thing to come to the fashion conscious when the word 'birken' is mentioned (the Hermes version is spelt 'birkin'). This, however, may soon be changing. It seems that a different 'birken' is currently trending globally - I'm referring to birkenSTOCKS. Yes you heard correctly. The resurgence of this trend first reared its ugly head at the Celine Spring show in Paris last Autumn.  Several designers have now given it their own take including Giambattista Valli, Miu Miu and of course Marni - Chain store ZARA has even jumped on the birken bandwagon. 
"It’s like the most comfortable sandal in the world is having a stylish renaissance.” Says contributor Katherine Bernard (See full article here). This may be true but i tend to agree more with Man Repeller's Leandra Medine when she says; (referring to our current choice to wear in her terms 'ugly footwear') "the brand of manipulation powerfully indigenous to fashion is in high gear once again." (To check out her full feelings on this trend see here and here.)
So love it or hate it, birkenstocks are back baby. Accept it.


Images: LOUHAYHAY,, Studded Hearts, @elle_ferguson, @tashsefton plus a huge google images search.