Boobs. Boobs. Boobs. Boobs. We all have them and we can all flaunt them (by 'we' I mean we females – sorry boys with boobs). Now my boobs have a bit of cushing and therefore need some pushing so I can’t speak for all sizes BUT here are a few things that I perceive to be the perks of having boobs, big or small.

Big – You ooze power and sexiness with your cleavage and curves that make men ogle. You can buy gorgeous bras, you can fill out gorgeous tops and you can hold a pencil under your tits. Winning.

Small – Have you seen most of the top models? (First, I’ll just say that there’s a reason Victoria’s Secret needed to make a push up bra, second Erin Wasson and Kate Moss – Enough said). Have you seen all of the nice bralettes that fashion brands bring out (lonely hearts, sass and bide)? Or if you don’t like bralettes why not just go braless – You lovely ladies also have the power of choice. HOT.

Now googling “side boob", “bralette” and “cleavage fashion” doesn’t come up with the best results so I mainly filled this post with pink pictures for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (which is coming to an end). 

Images: SNOB Fashion Blog, Theyallhateus, Natasha Oakley Blog, Google Images Search.