holiday ramblings.

For me there are three things that define the perfect holiday: sun, sand and an abundance of magazines. I have just come home from an 11week trip around Europe, followed by 10days in Thailand at the end. Though I couldn't control the amount of sun (we ended up with plenty) or sand (not so much), I could control the magazines (not that I had much time to read, but it at least made our whirlwind of travel feel semi like a holiday). The difficulty was not so much finding good magazines, but finding good magazines in ENGLISH (and at a good price). 

The UK was obviously a given - Picked up the September issue of Vogue UK for a mere £4, which to me was an absolute scream given that they are imported to NZ and therefore cost at least $20. The next success I had was in Croatia (where finding one was essential as we were expecting copious amounts of both sun and sand). I picked up an Elle UK for 700 Kuna (about 10€ - A little pricey but worth it). Had no luck in Italy. Ended up purchasing the September Issues of Harpers Bazaar UK and Vogue Australia online - Have to say reading a mag on a tablet is not really the same as the real thing. On the plane from Switzerland to Bangkok I scored a FREE copy of Elle Deutsch  - Plus side = fab pictures, downside = i couldn't read the articles. 

Thailand was the last stop. Found a Vogue Australia for 500฿ ($20ish New Zealand dollars) but I couldn't bring myself to buy it (It was the end of our trip, I was poor plus I was reading a pretty good book at the time). Home now in New Zealand where the latest Vogue Australia can be picked up from our local supermarket for a ten - Oh the joys of convenience. Only thing missing now is the sun and sand.