kicks and other ensembles.

Today I did something that makes me want to kick my feminist self - I had an interview with a temping agency (I have a job at a law firm starting February but need some funds to get me to Christmas - Especially after my European whirlwind). The tricky question came in regards to how much I was expecting to be paid. 
Here's what I SHOULD have said: "In my last job I was paid $22.39 per hour so I would expect to be paid at least that amount." 
Here's what I ACTUALLY said: "In my last job I was paid $22.39 per hour so I would be expecting around $20. Although I understand that this may be higher than usual." Kick. Kick. Kick. Kick. Kick. I know it's just a temp job but as soon as I said it I realised I was completely underselling myself. What made me suddenly so unsure of myself and my worth? 
What made it worse (although actually better) is that the woman who interviewed me said that I should expect at least $20 and wrote on my form that $25 would be the ideal. Kick. Kick. Kick. Kick. Kick. If I can't confidently negotiate my pay in this kind of situation when exactly can I? 

Sheryl Sandberg (Cheif Operating Officer of Facebook) includes this exact issue in a TED TALK she did in 2010. The talk was about why we have too few woman leaders. I couldn't do it justice to describe it so check it out here. After being completely inspired by this talk (only just watched it recently) I then go and do completely the opposite. Kick. Kick. Kick. Lesson Learnt. 

Now check out some of these fab ensembles.

Images: The Coveteur, Vogue Australia, Harper's Bazaar UK, theyallhateus, SNOB fashion blog, Google images search.