she wears the pants - literally.

One perk that I didn’t expect about having a boyfriend is that it actually opens up a large amount of extra wardrobe choices. When we first got together my boyfriend owned this long blue Swanndri coat. I loved it. I often wore it to school with a scarf and skinny jeans. While I thought I was oh so cool, looking back I probably looked more like a contestant on “The Farmer wants a wife.”
My point, however, is not about how successfully I wear his clothes, just that I can and do. I have always preferred buying guys’ tees over girls anyway. There is something nice about the slouchy, slightly oversized fit of a guy’s top or pants that can look really cool when paired with something very feminine. In the last couple of years a number of womenswear labels have brought out their own rendition of the menswear looks that we love (al la the boyfriend jean).
If you want the look without the attachment, my advice is: Forgo the female version and head straight to the men’s department instead. Here, it is often both cheaper than the womenswear version AND (this is a goodie) it is great for the ego. Why? Shopping in the men’s department means that you will immediately drop a size or two. You then won’t feel so bad about spending the money that you saved on coffee and a big slice of cake. Win win I say.

Images: theyallhateus, google images, @tashsefton, @elle_ferguson.