suit and tie.

Let's talk about Women's work wear.
Unlike men, we don't have a set "uniform". No suit and tie for us. This means that it can be a little more difficult to decide what to wear and what is appropriate. But it also means that we can be a little more creative with our outfit choices. I understand that what is considered appropriate is very dependent on the industry you work in BUT I think we can all agree that too much legs or too much tits or too much of both is usually a big no no. Compared to guys this gives us ALOT of leeway. Think about a guy in a suit - All you can really see is their head!

 Check out the pictures and get inspired. I think all of the outfits could be worn in a corporate environment (some with a few adjustments). Christine Centenera is an absolute gem when it comes to work wear inspiration!

Images: Vogue Australia, Google Images Search.