the art of underdressing.

On Saturday night my boyfriend and I turned up at a party completely underdressed. While my boyfriend freaked I felt quite ok about the whole thing. I was happy with my outfit and it wasn't one of those occasions where the people around us would judge for our lack of formality.
Then it got me thinking - People always say that it is better to be overdressed than underdressed and I believe that this is true. BUT there have been many situations where I have preferred being slightly underdressed (should I be worried about this?). It seems that fashion currently feels the same way. Casual cool is the new black (did I just say that?). Track pants and pajamas have been popping up in places that are usually reserved for nightmares. On the streets we are seeing knits and bomber jackets dressing down dressed up outfits. People are rocking sports wear off the field and sneans are still having their moment.This trend oozes effortlessness and I am loving it. My advice - Swap your heels for sneakers and your blazer for a bomber and jump on board. This is one trend where neither fashion or functions needs to be compromised.


Images: stylesnooperdan, JAK & JIL, Vogue UK, Harper's Bazaar UK, Google Images search.