the one that got away.

I have had many things “get away” – I would put this down to being detrimentally indecisive. My friends would put this down to being cheap. Example: On my first shopping trip alone with my friends when I was about 12 I couldn’t bring myself to buy a top for – wait for it - $10. I ummed and ahhed for about half an hour before finally letting it go. Sadly this became a reoccurring trend. The title of this post should therefore more accurately read the 100s that got away.

But in all seriousness there was something recently that I would depict as my ONE that got away. About a month ago I was in Nice, at this beautiful antiques market in the Cours Saleya. I found myself this amazing vintage velvet quilted handbag that had come from a designer in Paris. Cue regular indecisiveness - I ummed and ahhed and ummed and ahhed and made the call (which I so often make) to think about it over lunch. Fatal error. On return, the market had already closed. Then came the discovery that the market was only open on Monday. Complete devastation. I think everyone has a story like this. Moda Operandi has captured the tales of “the one that got away” from some of today’s most iconic fashionistas. Check it out here

Images: Moda Operandi, theyallhateus, SNOB Fashion Blog.