wetsuit liberation.

6 reasons why wearing a full wetsuit can be quite liberating:

1.) It is the best way to keep your bits well sucked in. It’s pretty much just a full body Spanx suit that you don’t have to hide (that should be a reason in itself).

2.) You’ll look like a surfer and surfers are cool.

3.) You can go crazy in the water and you don’t have to worry about anything falling out.

4.) You don’t have to worry about getting your beach body ready.

5.) If you forget to shave (legs, armpits, bikini line) it doesn’t matter.

6.) No creepy guys will check you out. Let’s be honest, no-one checks out the chick in the wetsuit.

BUT if a wetsuit isn’t really your thing – If you, oh I don’t know, want to get a tan or want to show off that beach bod that you have likely been working so hard on, then the next best thing is a neoprene swimsuit!
Neoprene is the stuff that most wetsuits are made of; therefore the bits that are covered by the swimsuit will be well sucked in. Lisa Marie Fernandez is arguably the godmother of neoprene swimwear (see her amazing collections here). But it has been the neoprene creations from NLP Woman (here) and Triangl (here) that have really got us in the Southern Hemisphere talking.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. I’ve also included pictures of some freaking hot wetsuits just in case.

Images: NLP Women, nlpwomen instagram, Triangl, Google Images.