50 shades of black.

Today at work I commented on one of my colleagues outfits - She was wearing a really nice coloured top. I then remarked that my own outfit was made up of several different shades of black. She replied:

"Yes, well you're getting into Law so obviously your wardrobe will be full of black."

This comment got me thinking - Why did this woman automatically think that law = black. Perhaps when people think of really corporate attire for woman they immediately think BLACK. Admittedly, I then met up with a few of my friends for lunch and I would say black made up at least 60% of each of our outfits. Does this mean that having a career that involves corporate attire automatically dooms me/us to a life of "all black everything"?

To make myself feel better about this I put together this post featuring one of the most fashionable woman in the world - Christine Centenera. 

I now conclude that a life in black may not be so bad.

Images: Massive Google Images Search.