casual friday.

We have arrived at that great time of the week where we only have 1 day left at work before the weekend. Oh the relief. But before we can really enjoy this relief, we have to make that tough decision about what to wear on casual Friday.

Here is a list of things that may play out inside your head:
Are blue/black/any jeans appropriate? Are sneakers appropriate? What if I decide to go out after work – Maybe I should wear heels? What if someone important comes into the office – Maybe I should wear work wear again? Is that shirt too revealing? Should I wear a t-shirt? Should I wear my new shorts/shirt/skirt? Will anyone notice if I wear track pants? But they’re Bassike track pants so that makes it ok right?

I could go on and on – Or maybe this is just something that I do when thinking about casual Friday? Awkward.

The following images probably won’t make your decision any easier. In fact it may just make you depressed at all of the things you would like to wear but can’t.

Images: theyallhateus, SNOB Fashion Blog, iwantbigcloset, lou-rico, la cool and chic.