hat hair.

When I was in Florence I bought a black wool felt hat. At the time I thought it was a bit silly to buy a hat made of felt considering how hot it would get and given that we were coming into Summer in New Zealand. 
This weekend we had an absolute stunner and the hat came out - I was weary as to how it would go. Would it get too hot? Would it blow off? Would it get uncomfortable? Can I really get away with wearing it in the sun? The answer is yes, yes and yes. 

My decision to purchase this hat was then further verified today when I logged on to facebook and that saw that Sweaty Betty PR has just taken on lack of color as a new client. Check out their website for some serious hatspiration/to get your hands on your very own wool hat! After gathering the images for this post I have decided that no amount of hot head or hat hair is going to stop me from rocking my black felt hat this summer. And the fact that it's sun smart just adds to the appeal! 


Images: @lackofcoloraus, lackofcolor.com.au, Google Images.