all white everything.

While I was overseas I ate an excessive amount of chocolate gelato. I also spilt an excessive amount of said gelato on my clothes – namely white tees (it never seemed to happen when I was wearing black). 
Now usually this wouldn’t be an issue given the power of a good napisan soak but, as we were travelling, I did not have that luxury.
Thank god for Zara! I think I had to replace about four white tees while I was away and I didn’t come home with a single one. I am such a mess!
Given my bad track record with white tees I feel like an all white outfit wouldn’t be very good idea for me BUT I think that those who are less of a mess/those who dislike chocolate gelato should definitely give it a go!

To me all white outfits look so summery, classy and effortless (although clearly for a girl like me it would take A LOT of effort to keep it classy).

Images: Google Images search, Ellery, Vogue Australia, Theyallhateus, Dion Lee.