bucket hat chic.

About 3months ago my boyfriend told me that the bucket hat was coming back in and that he was going to buy one. I cringed and then told him that although I’m sure he could make it work, I doubt that it’ll actually make a come back. About a month after this conversation he tells me that the bucket hat has been featured in GQ. Again I cringe, and again I tell him that although I’m sure he could make it work, I still doubted that they were coming back.

Last week I was sitting at the hairdresser flicking through the November issue of Vogue Australia and there it was, a whole page worth of bucket hats. I did the honest thing and texted him straight away to let him know. His reply: “shame”. So here I am, with my tail between my legs, posting about bucket hats.
Arguably they have been coming back for a while. Karen Walker has featured a form of bucket hat in several collections over the past few years – Spring 2010, Spring/Summer 2011 and her 2012-13 Resort Collection – to name a few.

Now if you’re still a little sceptical (as I was/perhaps still am) here’s a few bits of evidence that can’t really be argued with: (1) Alexa Chung, Rhianna, Usher and Kid Cudi have all been spotted sporting one (2) Ultimate cool kid label Isabel Marant sold a bucket hat in store throughout the Northern Hemisphere Summer, (3) Anja Rubik is seen sporting the bucket hat on the cover (yes the COVER) of the June issue of Vogue Spain (not to mention the rap it got in the November issue of Vogue Australia).

In all honesty I’m still a little unsure about this trend but, as I said so many times to the bf, if you want to buy one I’m sure you could make it work.

Images: Karen Walker, Vogue Spain, Balenciaga Resort 2014, i love ugly, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Instagram (the photo from instagram is the 4th image down. I couldn't find it again to credit the exact account-sorry!), Google Images.