leopards and cougars.

I don't think many would disagree when I say that the art of wearing leopard print is very heavily associated with the Cougar. Therefore, when I was collating the images for this post I thought it only fair to google ‘Cougars in Leopard print’. The search results were hilarious. 
I found a face book page called “Why are they called Cougars when they dress entirely in leopard print?” (it had 12 likes). I found a University discussion titled, “Older, Aggressive and on the Prowl: Who is the cougar behind the leopard print?” (LOL) and I found a blog post titled, “How to wear leopard without looking like a boozy cougar?” I guess that could be the title of this post.
 But let's get serious here, is there a limit to how much leopard print a person can wear before they start verging on cougar territory? The only leopard print I currently own is a pair of leopard flats, so I'm safe BUT I would really like to try and implement some more leopard into my wardrobe. 

The images below provide inspiration on how to stay on the leopard side of the line. Enjoy.

Images: @tashsefton,@elle_ferguson, @senso, @rozalia_russian, @mslbingle, @misscornershop, @ejmaxwell, Google Images.