it's all about the foundation.

The other day I got completely caught out wearing the grungiest pair of grundies. My friend and I were going to sunbathe on the deck. She stripped down into this sexy little lacy number and I stripped down into these – 

A very unwanted present from boyfriends mum to boyfriend that I decided were comfy and would therefore wear…Cringe.

Now while I will say that these “grundies” are certainly not my usual, the state of my underwear was admittedly pretty dire.

Aside from completely embarrassing myself, this situation gave me a huge wake up call on something that I have always known but haven’t always practiced – That the right or wrong underwear can absolutely make or break any outfit. 

The wrong coloured bra strap or a visible panty line can completely over shadow anything that your wearing, regardless of how nice – No one likes to see a double bum check, but if you’re not wearing the correct underwear then that is all they will be looking at!

At the same time, where exposed underwear is done purposefully it can also make an outfit. Think the Lonely Hearts

Cutout triangle softcup bra

 under a sheer white singlet. Perfection. 

The creators of Triangl Swimwear have just launched a collection of underwear that could definitely be "purposefully exposed" - Check it out 



My point is, whether exposed or hidden, investing a lot of money on clothes is a waste of time if you don’t have the underwear to support them. And either way, exposed or hidden, black and grey striped Davenport’s are NEVER ok. Thankyou Brigitte. Point taken. 

(Editors note: I have since been shopping and the state of my underwear has been rectified. See image below for proof.)

Images: @triangl_underwear, @sjanaelise, @mslbingle, @lonijane, google images.