renee coghlan.

One of the first people that I thought about when I considered showcasing wardrobes on the blog was Renee. Although I would only see her occasionally (usually we would bump into each other randomly) I would always be envious of the clothes that she was wearing on those days.

Renee is currently studying towards a Visual Communications Design Degree majoring in Graphic Design. She has recently started working part time at Area 51 and prior to that worked at Menswear store Three Wise Men. Renee will openly admit to being obsessed with Marc Jacobs, Meadowlark rings and her black drop crop pants from Moochi. Shooting her wardrobe was an absolute dream – Although the envy has not subsided, some of her affordability tips have really taken away the sting.

(All the images of Renee's wardrobe are courtesy of the very talented Greg Jennings. Check out his amazing work 



How do you afford such an amazing wardrobe?

Renee's Loves, Inspirations and Must Haves:

Images: @reneecoghlan, 

Gregarious Productions

, @meljoyhysteric, @nadiafairfax, Mooi, Google Images.