wardrobe stalking.

I think one of the reasons social media such as facebook and instagram is so successful is that it feeds our natural voyeuristic tendencies (this is just a nice way of saying that it allows us to be stalkers). I’ll be honest right now – 80% of the people I follow on instagram are people I do not know.

While people follow others for many different reasons – banging bodies, healthy eating or cute cats/dogs/baby and cat dog combos – I primarily follow strangers for their style and fashion. While this certainly provides me with a lot of inspiration, it can also be really depressing – A common thought is “how the heck do these people afford all of their clothes?” followed by “I would kill to check out their wardrobe.”  Admittedly the answer to the first thought is usually pretty apparent – They either work in the fashion industry (model, editor, photographer, designer, successful blogger) and receive a lot of free shit, or I discovered them on the blog ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’ and therefore can assume that they are rather (aka VERY) well supported by their parents.

Then I started thinking. I actually know a lot of extremely stylish individuals – individuals that definitely do not fit into either of the above categories. These people epitomise the saying that true style cannot be bought – They can rock cheap and chic like no tomorrow and also manage to afford some truly amazing fashionable pieces. These are the people that we really should be focusing on – How do they afford such amazing style? Who are their fashion inspirations? What are their must haves?

In the next post, Sartorial Gravy will launch the first in an on-going series of posts providing you with a voyeuristic look inside the wardrobes of some amazingly stylish peeps (and hopefully satisfy your stalker ways at the same time). These people are not celebrities, they are not models or editors or designers, and they do not have huge incomes to work with (although they may be all of the above one day). These are people like you and me. People that I find truly inspirational when it comes to style and I hope that you will to. 
I cannot wait for you to check them out!

Images: theyallhateus, The Lust List, The Coveteur, iwantbigclost, LA COOL & CHIC, Leather and Lace.