one piece.

It's that time of the year again when we have to get back into the habit of shaving, make sure that our bikini lines are actually bikini ready and start regretting that we didn't even attempt to create our Summer bodies this past Winter (I've been "starting on Monday" for the past 4 months. Gulp.). It's also the time of year when new season swimsuits are coming out in abundance and I'm noticing a come back of the one piece.   

I've always been a bikini kind of gal (black and bandau to be exact). In hind sight this is actually really stupid because I'm also the kind of gal that likes body surfing and boogie boarding and getting amongst the surf in anyway possible - which as you can probably imagine creates some rather epic battles between bikini top and wave. Wave always wins (although I have become good at last minute bikini top recovery). I digress.

The point of this post is to talk about the revival of the one piece, and given the story above, all I can say is hallelujah. Now you might say "but what about the dreaded tan lines?!" - and you're right. But perhaps the return of the one piece is actually also a subtle reminder from the fashion gods that real tans are out and fake tans are in - And you do not need to go to worry about a single tan line with a full body fakey. The one piece is therefore a win win. So get yourself a spray tan, strap your boobs into a very secure one piece and get amongst.


And just incase you felt truly inspired - Here are some luxe to less suggestions (I note, in respect of my selections that: (a) I am aware that the first Zimmermann bikini is more super yacht than wave wrangler (highly impractical but beautiful nonetheless) and (b) as you can tell, I'm still really into black as my swimsuit colour of choice): 

Images: @nadiabartel, @elle_ferguson, @lespecs.