stalking spaces.

Fashion and interiors often seem to go hand in hand.  Here are a few of my favourite memorable spaces to stalk. Can you imagine working, living, playing in any one of these?!


This apartment - 

Belonging to Devon Radziwill and husband (Prince - Yes literal royalty) Phillip Radziwill, this luxury loft is located in Soho and was originally a manufacturing building. I love the exposed brick and ghost chairs, but more importantly, can you imagine how lush it would be to work from that his and hers home office?


This office space - 

The Who What Wear offices.  Now we're talking.  Where filing trays are replaced with orchids and LED lights are replaced with chandeliers.  This is my kind of office.

Images: The Coveteur (see more here).

This apartment - 

This is an oldie but a goodie - Lara Bingle's Darling Point bachelorette pad. While she no longer resides in this "humble abode" this apartment caught my attention when it was featured in Who Magazine back in 2011 and it's stuck in my mind ever since. She was my age when she owned this - Depressing or what! 


Images: Who Magazine and