kelly & briarley.

What's better than one amazing wardrobe? Two amazing wardrobes! One of the perks of living with a bestie is the ability to collaborate closets. Kelly and Briarley not only live and play together, they also work together at Wellington Airport. Kelly is a commercial coordinator - She deals with the retail, property, aeronautical and transport portfolios within the company. Briarley is the airport spokesperson for all day-to-day media relations. She also coordinates the marketing of the retailers at the airport, the VIP membership database, Facebook, Twitter and some of the sponsorship contracts that the airport holds (including the Wellington Phoenix, NZ Festival and WOW). 

Individually, their style is amazingly put together, so being able to access each others wardrobes makes them sartorially unstoppable. 


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How do you afford your amazing wardrobe?

No matter how much I was, currently am, or will ever earn, I will always be unable to afford what I want. My problem is that if I find something I want, I must have it. I think I’m smart enough not to have a credit card. And I’m realistic in the sense that I won’t bother entering a store where my heart might attach to a $500 top.
— Kelly
I pick and choose my pieces and think of expensive clothing as an investment. For me to buy something expensive it has to be amazing quality and timeless - I have one blazer from Moochi that i have been wearing for the last four years!
— Briarley
sass and bide
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Country Road is my current favorite as it’s affordable and I use my spend and saves. I was lucky enough to have my family on my card before they realised the perks of having one themselves. Multiple spend and saves were very beneficial to me!
I’m also lucky enough to have stylish girls in my family, we like to swap and share when we’re together. This helps us make the most of our clothing. It also shows me what I MUST have next pay.
— Kelly
I buy a lot of clothing overseas, either online or on holiday - I go to the States once a year so I save my money and wish list for when I get there. I’m going to New York in August so I won’t be doing too much shopping until then.
— Briarley

Who are your favourite designers?

My favorite brand would be Sass and Bide, the designers are an absolute inspiration to me. I love the colours, their ‘verging on quirky’ style and the shapes of every single piece. One day I’ll have all of their amazing pieces hanging in my wardrobe, but in the meantime, a bit of Country Road, Cameo and Finders Keepers will be my go-to.
— Kelly
My favourite New Zealand label is Moochi. It is easy to wear and reflects my personality. I usually ask for Moochi pieces for Christmas and my birthday (which is on the 30th of December) and by the time I have these gifts I have vouchers on my Moochi account to supplement my purchases throughout the year.
— Briarley

Currently on your wish list.

More knits from the current Country Road season, I am obsessed with their knits! Especially after the Isabel Lucas campaign. Also, some new boots from Wittner and anything quilted. I’m loving my Country Road quilted sweater and have managed to find the most adorable quilt dress online which will definitely be purchased. To be warm for winter is the goal - nothing beats being cosy.
— Kelly
Next on my list are some more All Saints Ashby jeans. They are the perfect go-to jean - I have literally worn my current ones out! Also, Wittner Horacio boots and there’s a big chunky knit scarf from Witchery with my name on it.
— Briarley

You couldn't live without.

My weakness is comfort clothes. I love glam trackpants - I think you can make anything work for any occassion. You can never go wrong with a plain white tee. I hold these oh-so-close to my heart - Sometimes a little too close, as in I won’t wear it because I want to save its white-ness.

I love sweaters from Karen Walker, Country Road and Ruby - I would never dream of washing these in the washing machine. When you find a goodie there is nothing worse than seeing it lose shape.
— Kelly
I couldn’t live without my Moochi swag pants in black, my Wittner Perfecta black pony hair loafers and my black leather panel jacket from Witchery.

I also cannot live without supplementing my wardrobe with Kelly’s amazing closet - the perks of living with a bestie.
— Briarley

Images: All images thanks to the amazingly talented Greg Jennings - Check him out here.