Someone asked me a couple of weeks ago if I wear trainers with my work wear when I walk to the office – “Umm no.” I said (cue cringe face). Obviously the people who choose to do that have nooooo idea. Right? Wrong! These people  clearly have far more idea than me. Sneans. Are. Big. And they are not going away.

A look that was previously synonymous with American tourists has cemented itself as a staple on the streets of many-a-fashion-week.

Sneans seem to be part of a wider fashion shift towards a more comfortable way of dressing and it makes me wonder what’s next? We’re seeing glammed up track pants, sport-luxe and turtle necks. I would say pyjamas are next but pyjamas have already happened. If you have any ideas I’d be interested to know – Dressing gowns perhaps?

In the meantime, lets just thank those comfort conscious office workers for the inspiration. 

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Images: Lindy Klim, The Vault Magazine tumblr, theyallhateus, Google images.