boot hunting.

Up until around the age of 18 (I kid you not) I had a real aversion to boots. Every time I would put a pair on I would either think, "Giddy up cowgirl" or that I looked so incredibly dressed up that I would never have an appropriate place/time to wear them (weird I know). Winter after Winter I would stick with flats or sneakers, and winter after winter I would put up with comments from my parents telling me that I was going to get cold feet and to get a pair of boots. 

While I have gotten over these bizarre issues,  I still think that finding the perfect pair of boots can be bloody tricky - Do you go for thigh high, knee high, calf high or ankle? Do you go for flat, wedge, stacked heel or stiletto? Do you go for black, brown, tan, or leopard? Do you go for leather or suede? Do you go for a work pair or a casual pair or a pair that would be suitable for both?  

And because I do not have the budget to walk into a store and announce: "One in every colour, length and heel please", these are decisions that I cannot take lightly (I know, serious first world problems!!).

In planning this post, I had hoped it would help at least myself to make some kind of definitive decision as to what kind of boots I should buy. But, when all of the booted outfits below look so freaking fab, it's been far more of a hindrance than a help!


Images: TheyAllHateUs, SNOB fashion blog, Shine by Three, The Vault Magazine.