grace liang.

Grace is one of those super humans who, regardless of how unbelievably busy your life may seem, will make you feel like an absolute sloth in comparison to hers. When I interviewed her for this post earlier in the year she was juggling two jobs, organising a TEDX event for Victoria University, completing her honors law degree and planning a trip around South America. Phew. Thankfully she is currently away on said trip having a well deserved break. 

Grace is one stylish individual. She can rock a patent leather jacket just as well as she can rock a silk jumpsuit and she's the best online shopper I know.


How do you afford your amazing wardrobe?

"Being smart with where and when I buy things, and idea of 'quality over quantity' is important.  I am signed up for mail alerts to almost everything online so I always watch out for sales or deals - The downside is that my emails get clogged with a lot of junk. Also my watchlist on ASOS is 200 items deep."

Favourite stores and designers?

I like to nosy anywhere and everywhere, but physical shops I enjoy include Emporium, Miss Crabb and House of G (its been a glass-revolution in that store over the past three years). Online I dream about Sandro and Ellery, but loyally follow high street giants like Topshop and ASOS.


"I'm a sucker for textures - Wool, patent, quilted, cotton, butter leathers." 

Currently on your wishlist.

"My wishlist tends to revolve around Winter clothing - Anything from the Ellery Fall '13 collection, particularly the alligator texture vests and skirt, and the white vest dress (see here). Everything from the Sandro Fall '12collection - yeah it's old but it's still timeless and its got so much texturing (see here). 

My investment piece - A beautiful coat, although I have about 20, so I guess that's a whole lotta investment."

Images: Again, thanks to the amazing Greg Jennings. Check him out here.