A man from work commented on my (and I quote) “lady suit” the other day. Lady suit? You mean my black pants and black blazer that when worn together could look like a suit but really isn’t? Yes, I think he meant that!

A suit for a man means pants and a jacket. A suit for a woman could mean pants and a jacket or it could mean a skirt and a jacket – The distinguishing feature is that the pant-jacket or skirt-jacket combo is matching. Based on this, a 'lady suit' could also mean shorts and a jacket - a short suit.

According to the February issue of Vogue Australia, 35% of the S/S '14 collections included some form of short suit. While short suits are clearly having a moment we do need to consider whether it would be appropriate attire for a corporate office?

Let's think about this logically – we already show our legs, so that can’t be an issue. In fact rationally you would think that shorts are actually closer to pants and therefore closer to a 'man suit' so would be ok. But I think we all know that a short suit is not ok.

Why? I think the answer honestly comes down to the fact that it would not be appropriate for a man to wear a short suit. While woman have a little more flexibility in regards to their corporate wardrobe, I feel like if something is blatantly going to be inappropriate for a man then woman should also stay away.

Despite this unfortunate conclusion, I thought I would provide some short suit inspiration for all those ladies who don’t work in wardrobe restricting office jobs, or for those of you who simply disagree.



Images: Jason Wu S/S '14, 3.1 Phillip Lim S/S '14, desordre boutique, Christopher Esber.