accessories for mermaids.

I have to admit that up until recently I was never much of a jewelry  kind of gal. For my 21st Birthday I nearly sent my mum to despair with what to buy me - Do you want a watch? No, I won't wear it. Do you want a necklace? No, I wont wear it. Do you want a bracelet? No I won't wear it. In the end I got a gorgeous ring but I really regret that I felt this way because today my jewelry wishlist is longer than my arm (an arm that, because of my prior attitude, is NOT full of jewelry). 

And at the top of that list is anything incorporating pearls.  I feel like a string of pearls around the neck is about as elegant as you can get, and while the association between elegance and pearls is something that's hard to break, when I say I want pearl jewelry I'm not talking about this.

I'm talking about the simplistic modern take on the pearl that's currently sweeping the fashion industry. We're seeing something that's typically very feminine and lady-like being given a bit of a rough edge and it's gone big - The one way to tell for certain that something is huge is when it hits the masses aka hits Zara and that's what we're seeing here.  So, whether your budget extends to Chanel, Ryan Storer or Zara, do your inner mermaid a favour and jump on the pearl bandwagon. 



Images: Theyallhateus, SNOB fashion blog, Chanel, @montarnamcdonald, @streetsmith.