mao kong.

'Shopping addiction' was the first thing that came to mind when I entered Mao's wardrobe. This girl doesn't just like buying clothes, she collects clothes. 

Mao has a real penchant for anything sequined or jewelled and her wardrobe is full of amazing textures.  It was extremely hard choosing the pieces to shoot for this post as there was such an incredible variety.

To afford her 'collection' Mao currently works 6 days a week at a bakery/cafe owned by her mum and sister.

I’m happy working there and helping my mum out, but I want to get into making my own clothes in the near future.

And if her own designs are in any way a reflection of her wardrobe and personal style, then I am very excited about the prospect of this and you should be too.


(All of the wardrobe images are thanks to the incredibly talented Natasha Malaulau. Check out the rest of her work here.)


How do you afford your wardrobe?

"If I see something I want I will think about it for a few hours and if I can't stop thinking about it I will buy it straight away. I make sure I put some money away each week because I know I will want something else in the next few days." 

Who are your favourite designers?

"I couldn't pick one favourite designer, if I had to choose a couple they would be Sass & Bide and Aje. Sass & Bide because they create such beautiful clothing, most of their collections are to die for. And Aje because they use sequins in most of their collections and I'm in love with sequins, of course they would be one of my favourites." 

Currently on your wishlist.

"My wishlist is forever growing but these are a few things that I really want to buy:
  • Prada wallet
  • Deadly ponies, Mr Pirouette bag
  • Marc Jacobs, Classic Q Colorblocked Fran bag
  • Another gold Marc Jacobs watch
  • And many many more shoes . . ."

Current must haves.

"Since it's winter at the moment some must haves for me are: a nice winter coat, a leather jacket, and a comfortable but stylish pair of jeans that I can wear with a plain white t-shirt - then I'm ready for the day."