sport x fashion.

Who would have thought that tight, spandex, camel-toe inducing pants could have such a moment?! But as long as all things "healthy living" continues to trend, so will fashion forward sports wear (minus the camel-toe - I hope).

A very recent indicator of this was the July 9 launch of Net-a-porter's dedicated activewear site Net-a-sporter. It seems that "healthy living" now extends to what we put ON our bodies, and not just what we put in them.  And while Net-a-porter is not the first to recognise the value of tapping into the activewear market (I couldn't do a post on activewear without mentioning Stylerunner and Lorna Jane) they certainly will not be the last. 

Going to the gym has never been so appealing.



Images: @fashionablefit, @basebodybabes, Net-a-porter, The Upside, The Vault Online, Google Images.