wrap it up.

You wash your hair, you get out of the shower, you wrap your hair on the top of your head with a towel and boom you’re Miranda Kerr in the November 2011 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Australia (see below for images). The towel wrap styling in this issue was genius, the ‘towel wrap hair twist’ is something that most females learn from an early age, so showing us that it can be ‘oh so high fashion’ gave us an easy DIY take home look that we could all achieve. Ahem, accept for the slight fact that (boom) wrapping our hair on the top of our heads does not make us look like Miranda Kerr. In fact, I speak for myself when I say that this look (on the round head that is me) is actually awfully unattractive and in my case should only be used for the practical purposes of hair drying.

That’s why I was very excited about the use of starch white hair wraps in the styling of Giambattista Valli’s fall couture collection – While it's not as intense as the ‘towel wrap hair twist’ mentioned above, it is still a DIY take home look that we can all easily achieve (with perhaps less questions about having just washed our hair). It made me excited about the prospect of a laid-back seaside Summer, with wet salty hair tied back in some kind of fresh white scarf. In fact, the whole collection evoked images of gardens, summer, cool breezes, holly-wood glamour and desperate housewives. And the beauty of it being in the middle of Winter (for us in the Southern Hemisphere) means we can use this time to perfect our hair wrap tying abilities.



Images: Style.com, The Man Repeller, Harper's Bazaar Australia (November 2011 issue), Vogue Australia, Google Images.