time piece.

Time is a funny thing - When we want it there's never enough, when we don't there's too much. We can while it away doing absolutely nothing or make it count by doing absolutely everything - That is, until we get smacked in the face with procrastination.

Procrastination and time go together like strawberries and chocolate (facebook cough* cough*). Just think, if we were to re-allocate all of the time we spend procrastinating on doing something productive we'd probably be able to; finish work earlier, go to bed earlier, work out more, partake in awesome hobbies and dare I say it, be better people.

As part of this I think there's something to be said for wearing a watch. I recently stumbled upon this picture of Margaret Zhang of Shine by Three wearing not one but two watches. She seems to have time sussed. She's a successful writer, stylist, photographer and creative director (all of which seems to involve a ton of travel), is currently working her way towards a Bachelor of Laws (for those who have done it you'll know that it takes up enough time as it is) and still somehow manages to have time to work-out.

Now, we could crumble and put this down to her being super-human or we could choose to take the optimistic route and put this down to her time-watching habit of wearing watches (sometimes two). And while I feel two may be a bit extreme for a beginner like me, one may be just the ticket to a new life of maximum time utilisation. Plus it gives me a good excuse to purchase one of these little gems.


Images: fashinspiration, Shine by Three, The Vault online.