the fine art of layering.

I've recently relocated to London (which should partially explain my lack of posts) and have quickly discovered that what I considered a serious Winter coat in New Zealand just does not cut it here.  It is also that time of year where there are days where it is a little too warm for a huge Winter coat but still not warm enough to go out with nothing.  I've quickly realised that the only way to get through these fickle temperatures and lack of decent London clothes is to layer, layer, layer.

You would think that mastering the art of layering would be a simple task - Theoretically placing items of clothing on top of each other is not at all hard. What IS hard is making it look good. There's a fine line between being perfectly presentable and perfectly homeless. 

I think the idea with layering (and what makes it so tricky) is that it needs to look effortless - The type of effortless that probably actually takes a lot of effort. If you're still struggling (like I am) let Maja Wyh (and some other lovely ladies) put in the effort in for you - Thank god for google.



Images: Maja Wyh, Olivia Palermo, Shine by Three, Lee Oliveira. Refinery29.