While I plan to give you all a bit of a run down on the trends that we can expect to see in stores next winter, I decided that my first post about NZFW should just be about the experience.

So, here are 10 things you might find interesting from NZFW:

1. Fashion week started with a cascade of drums in Nom'd, we all knew it was going to be noisy before it even started because everyone was given ear plugs, it then made me question the intelligence of the guy in front of me when he decided to take a call in the middle of the show. 

2. Fashion week is exhausting, I've honestly developed a new appreciation for those who attend a day of shows and still manage to blog about it that night - I was at the venue from 8am until 10pm some days and bed not blogging was all I wanted to do when I got home. 

3. There's a reason that you don't see many overweight people in the fashion industry and it's this; when you're attending back to back shows, there is seriously no time to forage for food. My Tuesday was pretty much saved by the chocolate in the Trelise Cooper goodie bag and the free pizza at the Stolen Girlfriends Club show.  

3. While food is scare, sparkling water, red bull and champagne is in abundance. 

4. There was an article in the New Zealand Herald on Monday saying that you should never look in the goodie bags before the show - This turned out to be very true. In fact I became so obsessed with this etiquette than i just decided not to look until I got home. Better to be safe that sorry right?

5. Speaking of goodie bags, in a weeks worth of goodie bags I received: 3x magazines, shampoo, conditioner, purple hair dye (?!), hair oil, 3 cans of L'Oreal hair spray, a red bull, 2x Santa Vittoria water and a Santa Vittoria lemonade, a Trelise Cooper cake stand and bracelet, Nom'd gloves, Coop sweat bands, a macaroon, a fortune cookie, 2x perfume dispensers, a scented candle, soap, 5x Whittakers sante bars, Body Shop body cream, Kiehl's facial cream, 2x fridge magnets, a box of Twinnings tea, 2x individually packed Jed's Coffee Co bean bags and a Stolen Girlfriends club plastic poncho. Phew!

6. Everyone makes a huge effort to dress really well on the first day, this effort decreases as the week goes on. As a side note, heels are impossible to stay in all week! (As another side note, this did not prevent me from having major wardrobe dilemmas every single day).

7. The biggest media frenzy backstage throughout the whole week was when the All Blacks turned up to model in their Jockey's. I actually found this really disappointing since fashion week should be about showcasing our designer talent rather than our rugby talent (and by talent I mean how they play, not how they look in their Jockey's).

8. I had the privilege of interviewing Liz Findlay and Dayne Johnston of Zambesi backstage before their show and they were two of the nicest, most grounded people I have ever met. The fashion industry as a whole undoubtedly contains a lot of pretentious people, but one thing I really noticed throughout the week was that those who were at the top of the fashion game were far from it. This was extremely refreshing.

9. You should purchase a gown from Trish Peng before she gets any bigger, I'm predicting that her designs are going to be A-list staples within the next 5 years.

10. In this post here, while discussing a shift towards a more comfortable way of dressing, I "predicted" that dressing gowns may be next; so when dressing gown like coats walked down the runway at none-other than Zambesi I felt the need to give myself a mental fist pump. My dad will also be very pleased.

And now to the pictures - These were all taken on my phone so the quality is pretty average but this is fashion week through my eyes.

(Also, if you're interested in reading my backstage interviews you can check them out here.)


photo 377.JPG