elise hoggard.

I think there is a real difference between being fashionable and being stylish - You can buy fashionable, you cannot buy style - style takes something more intrinsic, Elise Hoggard has style.

Elise is originally from Wellington but moved to Auckland about 3 years ago and is currently in her last semester of a Film and Television major. 

I’ve always been pretty daring when it comes to constructing outfits - it’s undoubtedly a form of artistic expression for me and I think everyone should take pride in how they present themselves, it does wonders for your mood. I’m more of a tomboy when it comes to clothes; t-shirts, baggy jeans and sneakers are my usual go to combo. However, in saying that, I’m a sucker for a silk gown and will most definitely wear a floor length Kimono to Uni should I feel like it. Yolo and alla that.

Smarts and style = winning. Oh and did I mention she can bust a move or two aswell.


How do you afford your wardrobe?

"Everything in my wardrobe was either $3 from an opshop or has been on a secret layby for weeks on end and is 100% indian silk - so it's safe to say that I really can't afford anything most of the time! If I want something then there's no way to convince me out of it - I'll find a way/limb to sell in order to get it."  

Favourite stores and designers.

Save Mart (best place to exist on earth), Tatty’s, Miss Crabb, Penny Sage and Liam. I don’t exclusively buy from one brand though - whatever grabs my attention will do, regardless of its label.

Style Icons.

"I guess you could say my "style" is constantly changing. Whether it's from something I see on a blog, an old photo of my mum or a random dude passing in the street, I get ideas from anywhere/everywhere. I love individuals who dress for themselves and don't follow trends or try to impress others. Clothes are fun. There is nothing sexier than seeing someone who is 100% confident in themselves! Some cool people I admire are Phoebe Lettice, Sita Abellan, Zara Mirkin and Alexandra Spencer."

Currently on your wishlist.

"Sneakers. Always more sneakers. I found an amazing pink pair of AF1's in a second hand shop recently, I'm actually going back there today so fingers crossed they haven't sold! Oooh and everything off this website: http://shallowww.biz/." 

Current must-haves.

"I recently bought a Shark Week top. SW are a local Kiwi brand which support the banning of shark finning which is cool, but it also helps that their designs are mega dope - my long sleeve tee is pale pink with a wee gold toothed shark on it and it goes with everything I own. I wear it every day. Another piece of clothing I've thrashed is my pair of white boyfriend jeans - these jeans are the best. Oh and I can't go far without my black bucket hat, especially when I haven't brushed my hair (always)." 

Images thanks to the talents of the Ngapipi Road flat - More specifically Elise, Billie and Matt - thank you so much!!