ruby x gattobravo - fashion and art at its finest.

It seems that the mingling of fashion and art is having yet another moment, this time cementing itself on our side of the hemisphere.

Yesterday Ruby announced its collaboration with international illustrator GATTOBRAVO; together creating a 15 piece capsule collection that will drop in stores on September 26 (save the date people - these babies are going to fly). GATTOBRAVO is a London based illustrator whose works have been shown in fashion bibles such as Vogue, Vanity Fair and Harper's Bazaar.  This is an interesting case of fashion inspired illustration leading to illustration inspired fashion, with Ruby designer Deanna Didovich translating GATTOBRAVO's illustrations into beautiful, wearable pieces of... art. Based on the limited images I've seen so far, I feel confidant in saying that this collaboration seems to be a match made in creativity heaven. Oh and I've never seen eyes look so appealing. See what I mean below. 



Images: @rubytakessnaps, Undone, @nataliecantell, Miss Mondo, Ruby, Viva Magazine.