be happy it drives people crazy.

Back to work today after a much needed three week break (which also included an extended break from blogging - sorry!).  

I'm a "Monday Starter" type of person - I'll eat better from Monday, I'll start working out regularly from Monday - you get the picture. Given this, the potential that comes from the start of another year is very exciting - Why not start something on the first Monday of all the Mondays?! And yes, I am aware that the 12th is technically not the first Monday of the year but it IS the first Monday back at work and let's be honest - Monday isn't Monday unless you're back at work.  

My goal this year is simple: To maintain a happy state of mind.  To me, happiness should encompass all aspects of your life - eating well, exercising regularly, sleeping well, being happy in your job, being happy in your relationships. They say goals need to be specific to really be achievable and "being happy" isn't really a specific goal at all.  But, in a day and age where it's far too easy to compare ourselves with the pinnacle of everyone else's lives having a happy state of mind is the most important goal to have.  


Images: tumblr.