pleats please.

What's next on the wardrobe wish-list? Any thing containing itsy bitsy teeny weeny folded pleats a la Monday's Dior Couture show in Paris.  On another note, how incredible was that entire collection?! I digress.

Pleats, namely of the small variety, seem to be having quite an uprising. To be honest, I can't help but be reminded of my primary school netball skirt (remember these??) and I think that's why I love this look.  I love it when fashion meets versatility, and something that was once part of a school uniform and is now strolling down a Paris runway has got to be versatile. Right?

And while Dior is not quite at my salary level, this dress from Maurie and Eve's Autumn 15 collection certainly could be.



Images: Gary Pepper Girl, Tuula Vintage, Dion Lee, Maurie and Eve, @montarnamcdonald, @parisinfourmonths, @portermagazine, @threadsstyling.