monday feels.

The good, bad, happy and sad that's catching my attention right now.

1. The cover of the latest issue of Carine Roitfeld's CR Fashion Book. When I was 18 I had to get braces. I was so devastated that I couldn't have gotten them earlier (it's a long story). Braces are almost like a right of passage when you're 13 years old but when you are 18, not so much.  To try and make myself feel better I googled all sorts of braces related searches. I'm not sure what I was looking for, perhaps someone old and cool with braces, I don't know.  Just something to make me feel better.  Instead, what came up was all sorts of what i can only describe as braces porn. Yes I am serious. I didn't actually click into anything, the titles were enough. Let's just say my search stopped immediately.  Anyway, that's why I love this cover, because if this came up when I was 18 I would have instantly felt better rather than completely creeped out. 

2. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley aka Barbie. My current love and my childhood love mixed in the best kind of way. What could be better? Honestly, nothing. Styled for Vogue Japan by Anna Dello Russo this has got to be my favourite editorial ever.


3. The new Luxe collection by Lack of Color Australia.  This collection does not help my obsession with hats.  How many fedora styled hats could a girl need? Not enough it seems. This new collection comes in a neutral array of colours and will be perfect for the impending cooler months. All I can say is "Get on my head now."

4. A blooming Lara Bingle in the Autumn issue of Gritty Pretty's e-magazine. She is such a stunner and the article is a must read. Check it out.

Images: CR Fashion Book, Vogue Japan, Lack of Color Aus, Gritty Pretty.