sunday feels.

You'll note from the title "Sunday Feels" that this post was actually meant to be posted on Sunday.  It is now Wednesday. Oops.  Mum and I have recently started re-watching Grey's Anatomy and while not much of an excuse, that is really the only reason that I haven't got around to posting this earlier. The drama is totally distracting!!

Anyway.. here goes the good, bad, happy and sad that's catching my attention right now.  Actually that's a lie - This time it's all good.

1. This Elle Australia cover. Such a beautiful image and certainly a conversation starter.  It's a shame that this cover is only available for subscribers (although baby Zion also features on the Newsstand version - just not like this).  You might be surprised to learn (or at least I was) that this is not the first time breast feeding has featured on the cover of a fashion magazine. See here.


2. This bucket bag - Bucket bags are EVERYWHERE at the moment (post to come) and this one from Zara has totally tickled my fancy (the 40 pound price tag might have something to do with it).

3. H&M x Balmain. Speechless. Balmain, as a brand, epitomises super luxury (emphasise the super) so it's pretty incredible that Olivier Rousteing can design a high-street collection while maintaining what makes Balmain Balmain. This collection is due to hit the stores on November 5 and is likely to sell out soon after - My advice, book your flights to anywhere with an H&M store NOW.

4. Cetaphil Wipes. Cetaphil has been my go-to cleanser for as long as I can remember and these wipes have made my relationship with Cetaphil even better.  There are so many nights when I just can't be f'd washing my face properly and with these I can just do it from bed (no excuses).

5. The Lakes District in the UK. I had honestly never heard of the Lakes District before this week - my best friend, who currently lives in London,  told me she was heading there for the long weekend and then posted the below photo on Instagram. So stunning! I promptly added this to my list of "Must-Go" places.  Wikipedia (so authoritative) states that the area is "known for it's glacial ribbon lakes, rugged fell mountains and historic literary associations".  Give it a google - You'll end up adding it to your list too.

Images:  @hanaball, Elle Australia, H&M, Zara, Cetaphil.