We are currently nearing the shortest day and are sadly in the middle of that bleak stretch between Queens Birthday and Labour weekend so images of sun-kissed babes on beaches is probably not something that you want to see.  While they say Summer bodies are made in Winter, something that is definitely not made in Winter is Summer skin.  I don't know about you but I am one of those "totally let myself go" kind of gals when the Winter months come around - No more waxing, no more shaving, and moisturiser.. What's moisturiser?! If I'm not showing my legs what's the point? I feel like I'm not alone with this view.  This does however mean that when Summer comes around there is always so much more work to do in getting that skin in tip top shape (not to mention some awfully painful first Summer waxing - remind me to start laser asap).

My friend Grace is a moisturising fiend - When I lived with her we were often late for work because of her intense morning moisturising ritual. Kudos for that kind of dedication!!  Anyway, her skin, Summer or Winter, always looks amazing.  She recently told me that she has started using coconut oil, and although it's probably her moisturising habits rather than the actual moisturiser that gives her such great skin I decided to give coconut oil a go.  So, over the weekend I went out and bought a $9 jar of Roar Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil  - on a side note, there's something disconcerting about buying a product for your skin that describes how to use it for frying and raw desserts.  I actually spoke to the lady at the check-out about this and she told me that there is essentially no difference between coconut oil stocked for cooking and coconut oil stocked for skin except for the price (good to know).

Anyway, the long winded point of this novel is to say that every night before I go to bed I have started applying coconut oil to my body in an attempt to gain "Grace approved" Summer ready skin .  Have I noticed a difference? Yes and no. The smell is amazing and my skin looks good when I first put it on but it doesn't seem to absorb like I thought it would  (any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated).  I will keep you posted.  

For an interesting read on the other benefits of coconut oil see here.  And as an added note, the point of the Summer babe images is:  1. Because images of just coconuts is totally boring; and 2. to keep me motivated to actually keep up this routine until Summer - you should try it too. 


Images: @mslbingle, theyallhateus, Snob fashion blog, Pinterest, Tumblr.