5 minutes with a cocoloco coconut.

I'll be honest, I have actually never really liked the taste of coconut water - And trust me I have tried. Every time I read about a new health benefit I would give another brand a try.  And every time the taste would let me down.  That is, until I tried cocoloco coconut water.  The reason I decided to give cocoloco a try was because of a bad case of the winter blues.  There is something quite transportive about drinking from a physical coconut in the middle of Auckland city, on my lunch break, in the middle of Winter - Take me to Summer! Anyway, I got over half way through my cocoloco coconut and realised I was actually really enjoying it! 

You realise how different all those boxed up brands are from the real thing once you taste the real thing.  And I can safely say, I like the real thing - cocoloco is my drop.

Philippa Bagley and Francesca Bowden are the brains (and hearts) behind cocoloco and they have kindly let me go straight to the source (literally) and spend 5 minutes with one of their babies -  A cocoloco coconut.


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you come from?

I am from the sunny province of Samutsakorn in Thailand where I share my fields with the very lovely Sugar Cane; they help give me my sweet taste and aroma. I am a little different from my older brothers who are smaller, hairy and darker than myself. I am only 7 months old, which means I have all my baby skin, lots more liquid and half the calories of my siblings. 

2. In the world of coconut water, what makes you the best? 

I am pretty proud to say I am the only RAW branded coconut water in New Zealand, other poor coconuts are stripped of there natural goodness, heated and poured into a package to sit on the shelf for a year! I am gently picked off a tree, wrapped, packed and shipped across the ocean to get to you - just as my Mother Nature intended.

3. What are some of the benefits of adding you to our diet?

Apart from having fewer calories than an apple and double the potassium of a banana, I also have zero fat and absolutely no added sugar. In one of me there is around 63 calories. My friends call me the original Blue Powerade or ‘Natures Energy Drink’,

4. Aside from straight from the nut, what are some other good ways to enjoy you?

Well if I do say so myself, I taste pretty good mixed with a little Rum and Lime.

5. Do you have any special uses that we may not know about?

Not many people know this but I am not only good for your insides – I can also clear up acne and blemishes. The nutrients found in my water eliminate large amounts of oils while enhancing the skins health and elasticity – so in a ‘nut shell’ I make you look younger! Apply a topical application of me after your evening wash to clear up bad spots and tone your skin.

6. And finally..

I also wrote you a little poem – I hope you enjoy.

Advice from a cocoloco coconut:

Stand tall from the crowd.
Be thick skinned but soft at heart.
It’s what’s on the inside that counts. Drink plenty of water.
The view from the top is always better. Never fall too far from your roots. 

Images: @cocoloco - Or check out their website here.