new zealand fashion week with her apparel.

I have always avoided wireless underwear. Being a 10D I have always felt that it is something that I could never pull off.  And then HER Apparel came along and opened up a world of wireless opportunity for woman of all sizes (if you don't believe me check out #HERGIRLCLUB on instagram and see for yourself).  So much excitement.  The fact that each intimate is made to order just blows my mind.  So, on Day 2 of NZFW, when the lovely ladies behind HER Apparel sent their AW '16 collection down the runway in a flurry of corals, yellows and sass, my only thoughts were: Can I become a HER Girl? Where do I sign up?  The day after the show, I sat down with the babes behind the brand, Rebecca Rasool and Bethany Payne, to hear every single detail about their fashion week debut.


(Oh and a huge thanks to Rebecca and Bethany for all of the images - Care of their photographers Clara Pafundi, Sophia Stace and Evangeline Davis)


R -  We woke up at around 7am and got our hair and make-up done by my brother-in-law’s girlfriend Tallulah.  We didn’t really feel nervous. It felt like we were waking up for a normal day!

B - I could hardly sleep the night before, not because I was nervous but because there was more to think about than just the show.  It was really important to ensure that we connected through social media throughout the day and use the show to an advantage in that way. That’s one of the hardest parts - Making sure that we network with everyone!

R -  So one of the very first things that we did was update all of our social media channels.


B - Rebecca’s dad helped us pack everything into the car.  There were so many shoes.  We had like 12 pairs of shoes to transport to the venue to go with the collection.  Huge thank you to everyone at Shoe Connection - They totally saved us.


R - Once we got to the venue we headed straight back stage and arranged all of the clothes and shoes onto the racks.  Our models were already getting their hair and make-up done so we checked on that.  MAC Cosmetics did all of the make-up for the show and Stephen Marr did the hair.  We liaised with MAC and Stephen Marr for about 2 months prior to the show to sort out the look that we wanted.

B - We wanted the look to be really fresh.  Fresh faced and glowing with heaps of highlighting.  We chose copper for the eyes.  Copper is definitely in for this season.  Bronzer and highlighter was used on the cheeks with a coral blush. MAC then used the same colour on the lips as a gloss.  For the hair we opted for really relaxed waves - It almost looked like our models had curled their hair the previous day and then went out, slept on it and woke up.  You know when you go out and get your hair done and it’s actually better the next day.  


R - It was time to do a run through and talk to the models about how the finale was going to work.  Given that this was our debut show, we wanted to show everyone who the “Her Girl” is.  The “Her Girl” is a California girl.  That was the style for the show.  Whenever the models asked us how we wanted them to walk out we just told them -  Do whatever you want.  If you want to blow a kiss, blow a kiss.

B - The mood backstage was just amazing. You could tell that the models genuinely loved what they were wearing.  We made it clear that they didn’t have to be all serious and editorial.  We just wanted them to have fun.

R - Clara Pafundi, Sophia Stace and Evangeline Davis took heaps of backstage photos and then we got dressed ourselves.  

B - We wanted to wear something that showed off the lingerie. So I wore a mesh top to show off the Sleepless bra and Rebecca wore the Bonnie bralet with a low cut dress.

R - I turned the dress around so that the low-cut back was at the front to show the bralet off even more. 

B - Her mum was like “OMG are you wearing it like that?!”.  It was so funny.



B - Once all the models were lined up we went over to the backstage video feed to watch the show.  At that point we felt so proud. We held hands the entire time.

R - I was squeezing Bethany's hand so hard. When the lights went down and the Her Apparel logo went up - such a special moment.  And then at the end of the show when we walked out, walking out to applause the whole time was surreal. 

B - I was trying to make eye contact with everyone to see who each individual person was, but it was really hard because there were so many people there.  When I sent out the invites for the show, I personally wrote the invites to every single person so that our invites stood out.  It wasn’t just a generic invite and I think that is one of the reasons that we had such a great turn-out.


B - Straight after the show we went to the after-party.  We had a lot of customers fly over from overseas especially for the show so we had to make sure that we saw them.  We received such good feed back from everyone.  During our after-party we got a call from the VIP liaison from fashion week to let us know that we had a meeting with Vogue and i-D magazine. Crazy!!!


R - At 5pm we went to watch the Resene Designer Collection show because a few pieces from our Romance Collection were showing.  The first look to come out was a plus-sized model wearing our Bonnie bra and briefs.  I was watching everyones faces when she came out and the reactions were great.  Our Casablanca bralette and briefs were also in the show, along with the Never been Kissed bra and hipsters.  After the show we headed back to our Hotel.


B - We were supposed to go out for celebratory drinks but I was like no way!  We were exhausted.

R - We hadn't actually eaten all day so to finish off the day we sat in bed, in our Her Apparel and ate pizza.  The best end to the best day.