5 ways to beat the back to work blues.

It is about that time of year where almost every single person on the planet is suffering from a serious case of the back to work blues.  It is at times like this that you (or at least most certainly I) sit at your desk and question whether you will ever feel joy again.  In an attempt to cure my own case of the back to work blues I have put together a list on how (at least I) intend to beat them.

1. Plan another holiday (or just a really cool weekend):

There is absolutely no better way to get over the back to work blues than by planning and booking another holiday, or at the very least something fun to do at the weekend.  Having something to look forward to can make those long days back at your desk so much more bearable!

2. Work out:

Admittedly I am finding it so freaking hard to get back into my usual work out routine - and I desperately need it after beaching myself like a whale for the past 3 weeks - but in the words of Elle Woods "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands (author note: or bosses or co-workers in fits of "back to work blues rage")."  So work out.  You'll feel better.  I promise. 

3. But also, treat yo self: 

Treat yo self. Wine, chocolate, french fries, movies, magazines, shopping - Pick your poison.  Go on, after 2 days back at work you totally deserve it (plus you need to balance out all of that exercise that you'll be doing pursuant to number 2).

4. Dress up:

You all know the old saying "look good, feel good".  So dress up, you have probably been watching Netflix in sweatpants and a baggy tee on the couch for the last few weeks anyway.

5. Beautify your work-space (or just work pool side):

I would love for my office to look like one of those creative as f**k ones that you see all over Pinterest, but sadly it consists of a square, windowless box full of files.  So yesterday I brought a bunch of hydrangeas to work for my desk , and while admittedly the air-conditioning made them all but die over night, having something pretty to look at made my day THAT much better. Or alternatively, if you actually CAN work poolside, you should just do that.

Images:  theyallhateus, SNOB fashion blog, Tumblr, @gigihadid.